A remote control for my life…

It happens like this every year.  Things are going along at a pretty good clip.  The pace is manageable.  And then November hits and life becomes insane.  Before I blink, it’s Thanksgiving.  I’m suddenly scrambling to find gifts, send out cards, work, sleep, eat, and keep up with what feels like a year’s worth of stuff to do, crammed into just a few weeks time.  This year it seems even worse.

I seem to have been neglecting the vast majority of my friends.  I forget to return phone calls.  I have literally hundreds of unopened emails and every time I check one thing off of my to do list, it feels like three more things replace it.  How is it that I’ve already started receiving holiday cards, when I’ve barely even thought about sending them out?  I wanted to make most of my holiday gifts this year, and yet I haven’t started a single one.  All the best intentions and it feels like I’m barely keeping pace.

Sometimes I wish I could control my life like I can control my DVR.  Fast forward through the boring moments, rewind and repeat the good moments or the one I’ve missed, or just slow things down a little bit.  The slowing things down might help right now.

Wishful thinking, I know.  It will go by in a flash and then I’ll be in Florida for ten days.  I’ll be able to relax, see friends and family, eat good food, sleep as much as I want and maybe slow down my life just a little bit.  But for now, I take a deep breath and try to manage as many details as I can at a time.  Take it easy on myself when I’m not able to juggle everything at once and know that being perfect, dotting every last I and crossing every last T isn’t what it’s about.  I have to remind myself to savor every crazy day.  I do love New York City in December.  I love the twinkling lights, the cold weather, the holiday markets, the parties, the shopping, the gifts, and the manic energy in the air.  And I don’t actually mind the pace.  But, I’d enjoy it even more if I could just hit pause, rewind or slow a few more times before the year is out.

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