Not Jean Valjean…

Holidailies 2008

Confronted with the fear of a blank page (or screen, as the case may be), I turned to the Holidailies Writing Prompts to start this month-long exercise in trying to get back into a regular habit.  The prompt for the first entry is “Introduce Yourself.” Does that instruction lead me to write an abbreviated biography like a normal person?  No.  Instead it triggers within me a sometimes maddening, sometimes entertaining trail of words and music.

I’m so easily suggestible that even the slightest of connections can force a phrase or even a whole song from the recesses of my mental filing cabinet (you might call it my brain).  For whatever reason, I have a savant-like knack for song lyrics.  This includes pop, rock, jazz standards, folk, some country and anything by Rick Astley that my roommates chose to play incessantly my sophomore year of college. However, most often, the presence of the Showtune Gene in my DNA* leads the way and my “gift” manifests through songs from the musical theater canon.

Which takes me back to the writing prompt for this entry…”Introduce Yourself.” Which led me to ask, “Who am I?” which then led me to sing “Who am I….who am I….I’m Jean Valjean…”  from Les Miserables.  The logic might seem lacking to the casual observer, but I feel certain that my fellow theater geeks, can see the the connection, however flimsy.

As if that weren’t enough, I also suffer from a constant, nagging earworm affliction.  Which means, not only do I find myself at the obscure Les Miz reference, but, until some other tune replaces it, Jean Valjean is the only song in town. So, I guess, in a way, the Holidailies prompt worked.  I’ve now introduced myself as a musical theater geek who can’t stop quoting showtunes and has them on a loop inside her head.  Welcome to my brain.  Aren’t you glad you don’t live here?

Happy Holidailies, Day 1!

*presence of said gene also proving that I am indeed a gay man, trapped in a straight woman’s body.

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