Holidailies 2008

Not even a week in, and I’ve missed a day already.  It was unintentional, really.  I ran around all day yesterday.  Got cookies, went to the Clay Festival and then to the Handmade Cavalcade for holiday shopping.  It was freezing outside and I walked a lot and caught up with a bunch of people.  Also met some really cool crafty types who I intend to connect with again.  It was a good day.  But, by the time I got home it was after 7pm.  I ate dinner, sat down on my bed to watch some TV and promptly fell asleep.  It was way earlier than I’d intended and it was way earlier than I should have fallen asleep.  But, I was apparently exhausted.  I woke up at about 1am.  I was half awake for a while longer and then fell back to sleep.  And then I actually slept in this morning until 9:30.  So, clearly, I was tired.  But, I realized that I not only slept through the creative energy that I generated while out and about yesterday, but also my Holidailies posting.  So, oops.

And not really much to post about today.  I was waffling about going to the LeSportsac sample sale and feel a tiny little triumph that I resisted the temptation to go, because the last thing I really need is another LeSportsac (much as I love them.)  However, truth be told, it wasn’t completely a triumph of will that kept me away.  It had more to do with the fact that it was ridiculously cold outside (it was even cold in my apartment) and I was more  than happy to be a couch potato.

I did start working on some jewelry, but didn’t get anywhere near as much as I wanted to get done. Especially not in comparison to the mess I created, pulling out every last bead, wire, and supply that I could find.  So, now here it is, close to 11pm.  I haven’t much to show for the day, but a lot of lounging, DVR watching, and hey, I did finish another entry.

And back to work tomorrow.  Isn’t my life thrilling?

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