Comfort and Joy…

Holidailies 2008

I dragged myself into work this morning for a 9am meeting that never happened.  If I actually had any kind of commute, I might be annoyed.  I had intended to go to the meeting and then come home shortly thereafter and get back into bed.  That didn’t happen.  I even warned my boss that I felt lousy and wouldn’t be sticking around.  However, he kept walking past my office saying, “you’re still here?”  I got sucked into what I was doing, which was proofing our weekly email and futzing with the graphics.  Normally that would probably have taken me an hour, tops.  Today, all fuzzy-headed, I probably spent three hours on it and couldn’t get it right.  At about 1:45pm, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day (and wasn’t hungry), could probably have spent another hour futzing without accomplishing anything, and was likely running a fever.  I finally packed it in and came home.  I couldn’t wait to get in the door, throw down my stuff, and change back into my pajamas.

This morning I did ponder the possibility of just wearing the pajamas to work.  Then I realized that the days of my getting away with that particular fashion choice (hello, college) had long since passed.  Right now I am wearing an XXL t-shirt and a patterned pair of cotton pants that any circus clown would be proud to own.  If I stepped out of my apartment in this get up, someone would most certainly assume I’d lost my mind and take me immediately to Bellevue.  Still, I do long for a time when I could get away with it.  I am just not a dress up kinda girl.  There’s nothing better to me than coming home at the end of a day and changing into my pajamas.  And when I feel sick, like now, I really crave the comfyness of a clean pair of pajamas, and a good long nap.

And although today wasn’t particularly productive, I did come across some wonderful web-based entertainment to keep me company between naps. First there’s this:

Prop 8 The Musical! Written by Marc Shaiman and Directed by Adam Shankman. With a star-studded cast, including Jack Black as Jesus and a very special guest starring role by Neil Patrick Harris! A clever little musical theater piece, but with the added bonus of being about something really important.And while watching that video on the Funny or Die website, I came across a link to The WB Online! My wonderful WB is not gone or forgotten. And if I want to, I could watch Buffy or Angel or Firefly or Jack & Bobby or Everwood or Veronica Mars. But, they also have new content too! And I found a fabulous little documentary series called High Drama. It’s all about Barnstable High School’s production of The Wizard of Oz. And bless my little theater geek soul, IT ROCKS!

Okay, time for a nap, then some tea and soup. Then back to discovering more internet video content. As if I didn’t already have enough to watch on my DVR…

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