The pleasure in small things…

 Holidailies 2008

One of my favorite things to do at this time each year is to visit the various holiday markets that pop up around the city.  It’s where I usually get most of my gift shopping done.   Last year because I was so sick, I never made it to a single one, and I really missed it.  Yet, somehow, I hadn’t yet gotten around to visiting any of them yet this year.  So, tonight after work, I went over to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market and walked around.

The added bonus is that all of a sudden the weather has changed (yet again) and we left ass-numbing cold behind and returned to a completely manageable 60 degrees.  Lovely for wandering outside from booth to booth.  Unfortunately, I found not a single gift.  I did find a pile of things to buy for myself, but I (miraculously) refrained.  Nonetheless, the visit to the market was a success, as it was time with myself, taking in the sights and sounds of the season.

I only have a week left in the city before I head south to visit my family.  I’m going to try and visit the other markets (Union Square, Bryant Park and Grand Central) before I leave and hopefully find some holiday gifts.  But, whether I find any gifts there or not, the pleasure for me is in the exploring, in the feast for the senses that I find as I wander.  It’s not necessarily that the items for sale are that unique, or that the prices are fantastic or even that I couldn’t find the same things elsewhere.  It’s because it’s my own little ritual and December in the city wouldn’t feel the same without it.

So here in bed at the end of the day, I realize that between running nonstop and being at home sick, I haven’t spent much time this month just enjoying myself.  This evening’s little outing reminds me of just how important that is for me to do.  Now off to a restful sleep…

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