In the land of sunshine…

Holidailies 2008

Nevermind that it rained this morning.  Nevermind that it’s overcast and looks like it might snow at any second (not likely).  I’m in the land of sunshine, damnit!  (Oh, wait, there’s the sun, I see it!)  I’m still sick and still hacking like I smoke three packs a day, but I’m here!

I was worried about flying because I’m all stuffy and didn’t want to be in enormous amounts of sinus pain or not be able to hear.  Fortunately, the flight was uneventful.  Although we left Laguardia a little late, I actually got into Ft. Lauderdale early, which was great.

It’s good to be home.  No matter how long I’m away or how long it’s been since I actually lived in this house (or even this state), it’s still always home.  I immediately settle in and relax and let go of anything else that’s going on in my life.  Fortunately, right now, as busy as work has been, my stress level isn’t particularly high, which is great, but I still needed a break from work and life in the city.  And having this cold that’s hanging on, it’s also good to be home, being fed and taken care of.

I’m getting a slow start today, which is just fine with me.  Still have a little bit of shopping to do.  Need to send out my holiday New Year’s cards.  Call some friends and check in.  Ahhh…lovely.  The beginning of vacation, with 10 days ahead of me, to fill as I wish.

So, nothing too exciting, but I did want to get back into writing mode, since being in bed for days on end feeling like crap didn’t inspire me to write much.  Hopefully, vacation will bring new inspiration…

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