Taking the Guilt out of Guilty Pleasures…


Theoretically, I have many guilty pleasures:

The thing is that none of them make me feel guilty.  I find joy in small things and I like that I can find it in things that are pedestrian, cheesy, and sappy, not just in those things that are intellectual and cultured.  It makes me a more well-rounded person.  It also makes me better in trivia contests!

When it comes to guilty pleasures, I’d say that the only ones that actually give me any guilt feelings at all are my junk food indulgences — Taco Bell’s Soft Taco Supreme, Burger King’s Whopper with Cheese, Tim Horton’s Timbits.  But this has nothing to do with my unsophisticated choice of cuisine, but my feelings about food and weight in general. It’s bad for me, it’s unhealthy, but it tastes delicious, so I eat it anyway.  I really just need to separate out the guilt from the pleasure.  If I only indulge once in a while, there’s no reason to feel badly.

The lesson for me is that guilt is overrated.  Life’s short.  Indulge (even if only occasionally) in the things that make you happy!

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