And on Tuesday, she rested…

The trouble with napping is, it’s way too easy, and it can devour your whole day.  This forward momentum thing is not as straightforward as it seems.  The path isn’t as clear as you might think, what with pebbles and boulders and oil slicks and parked cars (or in my case, the couch, the TV, the fact that I felt crappy when I woke up this morning, and my old nemesis, inertia).

So, today was mostly a wash.  No groceries were procured.  No library books were returned (or picked up). No exercising was endeavored. No apartment straightening was accomplished.  But there was quite a bit of semi-comatose napping.  The kind of napping where you have trouble waking up and feel like you are emerging from the bottom of the ocean, with a great deal of effort.  While I am a big fan of napping and make use of my copious free time to take naps, if they become the primary focus of your day, they tend to completely fuck up your sleep.  Damn.

And while I’m still feeling a little crappy (it’s a girl thing), I did get an email about a phone interview I had last week that seems to be moving to the next step.  And from what I can tell, it’s a really cool job, one that uses not just my writing, editing, and marketing skills, but also my photography and design skills.  However, it doesn’t mean that I’ll let another day slip by just napping.

Tomorrow will be for exercising and grocery shopping and library visiting (the first Walking Dead graphic novel awaits pick up) and job searching and jewelry making (this is a big one, I hope to have some new stuff up for sale before the week is out!)

So, not letting speed bumps (or coma/naps) get in the way of my progress any more.  Today was just a pause.