Best Laid Plans…

So, all that stuff I had on my list to get done today?  It didn’t quite happen the way I’d intended.  As a result of the (un)intentional napping yesterday, I didn’t fall asleep until somewhere around 6am this morning.  However, that time awake was put to relatively good use.  I applied for about ten more jobs (it’s either feast or famine around here).  More importantly, though, I realized at some point in the middle of the night that the holiday sale at the pottery studio is this week and I hadn’t signed up to participate yet.  Oops!

So, a 4am email and I had committed to get my shit together to sell my wares from Thursday through Saturday.  Most of my ceramic pieces were stored in bags and ready to go, but my jewelry needed to be pulled together to go.  I also set about today to make some new earrings, which are still in progress and will be assembled when I finish writing this post.

So, to recap: No exercise today (tomorrow, I promise!) No groceries (ditto!) However, I did get some job search done and I did make some new jewelry for sale.  I also set up my table and priced everything.  Hopefully I’ll get some more of those earrings done and get them up online for sale before the week is out.  Baby needs some scratch!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  That job I was hoping to get an interview for?  The really creative one?  It’s scheduled for next week.  So, I guess getting shit done is continuing, even though it may not be all the shit and it may not be happening in exactly the way I’d expected.  It still counts, though, right?

And before I go, a picture of what my table currently looks like at the pottery sale.  Need to make some room for the new earrings…

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