An object at rest…

…tends to become one giant muscle spasm.  Isn’t that how that goes?  No?  Well, someone needs to tell that to my back.

About seven years ago I worked very hard to reform my sedentary lifestyle and in the process I lost a lot of weight.  I felt better, I looked better, I slept better, win win win.  Keeping active has been a struggle, keeping the weight off has been a struggle, eating well has been a struggle, and there have been lots of ups and downs.  However, living in the city and commuting to work has always provided a minimum baseline of activity that meant there was at least a little bit of movement built into my day.

Now, though, in my hermetic existence, without required comings and goings, I’ve become the couch potato I always knew I could be. Yay me (boo hiss).  Nine months of inactivity has caught up with me in a lot of ways.  I’ve long since left cardiovascular fitness behind.  But that’s really only the beginning of the problem.  I had a back injury a few years ago and while it generally hasn’t been an issue, one of the things that’s helped keep it in check is keeping loose and in relatively good shape.  So, that went down the crapper.  Plus, carrying extra weight is the enemy of a weak back.  And if you’ve ever met me, you understand that the way in which I carry my weight (think boobage) means war on my lower back.

As if I needed a reminder, I just returned from picking up my stuff from the pottery sale (I did pretty well, especially for such small effort), and just packing up my table at the sale sent my back into a wave of spasms.  So, I whimpered my way back across the street and now I’m on my back again.  Which is exactly where I shouldn’t be.  Vicious cycle.

Latest theory?  Movement creates lack of pain.  New exercise regimen begins on Monday.   Until then, handfuls of pain reliever and lots of whining…