Merry Making…

Holidailies 2012My dear friend Sarah has a holiday party each year and she goes all out.  The thing is I usually miss it because I’ve already left to go down to Florida.  So, a benefit of being here this month is that tonight I got to celebrate the holidays with Sarah and her eclectic group of friends.

When I say Sarah has a holiday party, it hardly does it justice.  Sarah cooked a full buffet dinner, two entrees, a half dozen side dishes, and a half dozen desserts for a group of about 40 people and brought all of that food from her kitchen in Brooklyn, to an upstairs lounge in Midtown Manhattan.  There were decorations, there was music (a finely curated mix of holiday tunes from her vast collection), there was dancing, there was conversation, there was laughter (there was also a gorgeous bartender, but I digress).  Mostly, though, there was a kind of warmth that’s hard to describe.

Sarah is one of those people who is a natural at creating communities of people.  Some of the most interesting, talented, and wonderful people I know in New York are because of Sarah.  And they are all so different.  And tonight was an opportunity to catch up with many of them who I hadn’t seen in ages.  And it was an opportunity to relax and let go of day to day concerns and truly enjoy what it is this season is really about.  Laughter and joy and dancing and chatting and reveling with friends old and new.  That Sarah not only managed to put such a shindig together, but to look fabulous and be the life of the party (with the dancing and the dancing and the dancing), and never for a moment seem tired, is slightly awe inspiring.

It’s satisfying to end a weekend of wonderful, happy, good things and to be back in the thick of it at a time when I’ve been struggling to feel a part of the world again.  It made tonight’s festivities just that much better.  It’s yet another moment when I know that I’m very lucky and that despite my bristling against all that new agey, groovy, ethereal shit, believe that people come into your life for a reason (and it’s not just so they can throw great parties and you can eat your weight in brisket and chicken marsala).