Home again…

Holidailies 2012Bus got in only 30 minutes late.  Considering the traffic and the driving through the snow thing, I’d say we made pretty good time.  I was in my apartment, in my swanky new Vera Wang pajama bottoms, lying on the couch by 10:30pm.  Could have been far worse.

Now that I’m home from such a lovely few days, I fear the inevitable let down.  When I was in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving, I had a really wonderful time, but came back and felt so depressed for a few days after, which is something I wasn’t expecting.  This time I’m keeping it in mind, in order to keep it at bay.

When there’s so little going on, it’s hard not to feel a little blue and a loss of momentum when I return home, but I’m going to try to keep the positive stuff close.  I walked eight miles while I was away and that was only over the course of two days.  So, I can certainly keep it up and at least walk a couple of miles a few times a week.  It’s how I have to start to get back into the groove and lose all the weight I’ve gained and get back into shape.  So tired of being out of shape.

I also need to just keep myself in a positive head space all around.  It’s just so easy when there’s no event to look forward to, to start feeling down.  Though, Gen will be coming in a few days for New Years, so that’s something to look forward to!  Meanwhile, my living room still sort of looks like an art supply store exploded in here, so I have some cleaning and organizing to do, along with a little more holiday gift finishing and maybe even a little cooking (my mom’s zucchini pancakes are calling my name, I think).

So, truly a wonderful few days away, now I just need to keep that feeling going…


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