So, here we go…

2015holibadge-blueTop 10 Realizations that have resulted from deciding to participate in Holidailies on December 1st at 11pm…


  1. I have not written a personal blog post in years…seriously, years. I think the last time I wrote a personal blog post may have actually been the last time I did Holidailies. So, December 2012? Where has the time gone?
  2. When you manage an online community for a living, managing your own blog(s) seems like something you should probably pay attention to, but in reality it’s the last thing you want to do when you get home from work.
  3. Not having updated this blog in years means a theme that’s out of date, a version of WordPress that was out of date (fixed that), and a list of links that’s way out of date.  (AKA — Please excuse the state of this site. I’ll try to fix it as I go.)
  4. Facebook has replaced a lot of the online writing I used to do. Whether that means posting short thoughts, long missives, or just commenting on other people’s posts, it’s not really the same as flexing those writing muscles like I have in the past. So, Holidailies here I come again!
  5. I love the direction my online life has taken and social media has provided some additional fun outlets for my creativity, like Instagram. Toying with adding a feed to this blog. But that requires me to find a plugin and since I just decided to participate in Holidailies, it too will have to wait.
  6. I have two other sites that have also been neglected. Probably should update those too (no one ever said I wasn’t all about biting off more than I could chew, so nom nom nom nom nom)
  7. It’s hard to write a top 10 list at 11:30pm after you’ve had a couple of adult beverages (and are not a big drinker)
  8. This may have been a rash decision
  9. This was definitely a rash decision
  10. But, I know I won’t regret participating. Never do.

Happy Holidailies 2015!

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