Two birds, one stone…

2015holibadge-blue  Or how I wrote a blog post and made some earrings in one evening…


So, I’ve been pretty prolific with making jewelry elements in my porcelain jewelry class.

  On the other hand, I’ve fallen down on the job in turning those jewelry elements into actual, wearable jewelry. I’m not sure why this happens. It’s like stage fright or creative block or just getting overwhelmed with all of the options or feeling like I may not live up to the potential of the pieces that I’ve made, but I end up procrastinating making stuff out of the stuff. And it’s maddening. I’ve even had a few people at work (and elsewhere) asking me when I’m going to make (and sell) my jewelry. So, part of the bargain in my own head has been that if I’m going to participate in Holidailies and sign on for another commitment this month, I need to live up to this other commitment to myself. Make jewelry. Get shit done. So, done and done (or at least a start).    

Will soon be up on Artfire for sale.

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