Not quite under the wire

2015holibadge-blueIn which I fall asleep and miss writing my blog post


But this is still my day 4 entry for Holidailies and it’s still December 4 someplace (California). And it’s a short one about good days and gratitude. So, a few things…

  1. Last night I noticed a whole bunch of extra money in my bank account and thought for certain an error had been made and I’d been paid twice. This morning I sent an email to make sure that the error was fixed and was informed instead that that was my holiday bonus pay. That I wasn’t expecting. And it amounts to a little less than a full week’s pay. A great way to start the day.
  2. I work with an amazing group of people. I truly do. I count myself lucky every day that I get to do something that I really enjoy and that I get to do it with people I love. People who are smart and make me laugh and make me better every day. People who appreciate me with all my flaws and all my quirks and value me for me.
  3. I have really wonderful friends and this weekend I get to spend time with some of them and get out of the city too. It’s not exactly going to the country, but it’s a tiny change of scenery with a group of people whose company makes me happy. And then Sunday I get to flex my artistic muscles in the pottery studio and see what the latest firing brings me (more jewelry to come!)

I am often guilty of getting stuck in my own head and focusing on the stuff that isn’t perfect, that isn’t right, that makes me unhappy. On the minutiae of my life and on the overwhelming fucked up state of the world too. So, taking just a few minutes and thinking about a few small things that make me happy and remind me of just how lucky I am in the grand scheme of things is important.

Even if I didn’t get it in under the wire…


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