December in New Orleans…

The start of my trip to New Orleans was derailed slightly by a car accident on the highway. It looked and felt pretty dramatic and it left me a little sore today, with a bruised tailbone (a literal pain in the butt), but I’ve managed to take it in stride and enjoy my limited time in a city that I’m reminded again just how much I love.

After a delicious breakfast this morning at the Ruby Slipper Cafe, I spent the day wandering some of my favorite parts of the French Quarter, looking at (and buying) art, chatting with lots of interesting people, and enjoying the miraculously beautiful weather. I had thought that I might end up heading back to the hotel at some point mid-afternoon to nap, but instead walked and walked and didn’t get back to the hotel until about 6pm, when I had a quick rest.

An hour later I was picked up by an old friend who lived in my building in New York for many years, before moving back to New Orleans about eight years ago. We caught up over dinner at Pizza Delicious (it was definitely that) and it was wonderful to see her and chat about anything and everything.

I came back to my hotel, left for a bit again to get some provisions (seltzer and snacks) and then back to my hotel room to ice my tailbone (ah yes my glamorous life) and get into my pajamas. Now here I sit, exhausted and still so happy to be here, but also thinking, why again did I commit to Holidailies…have I mentioned that I’m exhausted?

So, there it is. A play by play of my delightful (yet not particularly exciting) day. May tomorrow’s entry be a little more exciting. (Note to self: don’t wait until 11pm to write a blog post, when you’ve spent the entire day tiring yourself out.

Until tomorrow…

Apparently this is a thing I do…

So, it’s December 1. 4:43am to be exact and I’ve made the rash decision to participate in Holidailies. I gave up writing online regularly about a hundred years ago, but seem to periodically revisit the idea when all of the Holidailies hoopla starts appearing. These days I generally channel my online energy into posting pictures on Instagram and ranting about the state of our union on Facebook. Manageable online engagement.

I have no business adding an additional commitment to my December this year. My life has become hectic and stressful and I’ve been repacking my suitcase weekly for the last month. I have three more trips planned this month, including one that begins this afternoon to New Orleans, for which I have not yet packed my suitcase. On Monday I’ll be at a conference there with some people I love and admire, but decided to give myself the weekend away in a city I love. Though, a big part of me would currently prefer to remain in my own bed, I know it will be good to take some time for myself. Beignets and oysters and wandering the French Quarter, here I come.

My next trip is down to Florida on the 12th, to help my parents move from the four bedroom house where they’ve lived for 46 years (my childhood home), into a much more sensible condo. This trip will be the culmination of several previous ones, a Herculian effort shared by my whole family, where we have literally dug through nearly a half century’s worth of stuff, from decaying stuffed animals to antique china, to negotiate a house sale, an estate sale, and a move, on the way to a lighter, less stressful life for all of us, especially my parents. More on that in a later post, I am sure.

My final trip of the year is just for me. A vacation, finally. A New Year’s cruise where I can relax and unplug (and maybe get a final few Holidailies posts in) and recharge for a better, less stressful 2019.

In between the traveling, though, I still have to navigate work. It’s a job I love, but one that has become more challenging and pressure-filled, with more resting on my shoulders. We had a department reorganization that saw the layoff of one of the best bosses I’ve ever had, and separately, the leave of absence (leading to a likely departure) of my partner in crime, who makes my job easier on a daily basis. Also on the work front, the company that owns the software platform we use (and I manage) was acquired by a private equity firm last year and that has also made work more difficult. More on that at some point later too, I am sure.

So, that’s an overview of what’s going on with me at this moment in time. So, I guess I welcome December and Holidailies back into my life. I’ll try to do this annual tradition proud…or at least post more than a few times.