Apparently this is a thing I do…

So, it’s December 1. 4:43am to be exact and I’ve made the rash decision to participate in Holidailies. I gave up writing online regularly about a hundred years ago, but seem to periodically revisit the idea when all of the Holidailies hoopla starts appearing. These days I generally channel my online energy into posting pictures on Instagram and ranting about the state of our union on Facebook. Manageable online engagement.

I have no business adding an additional commitment to my December this year. My life has become hectic and stressful and I’ve been repacking my suitcase weekly for the last month. I have three more trips planned this month, including one that begins this afternoon to New Orleans, for which I have not yet packed my suitcase. On Monday I’ll be at a conference there with some people I love and admire, but decided to give myself the weekend away in a city I love. Though, a big part of me would currently prefer to remain in my own bed, I know it will be good to take some time for myself. Beignets and oysters and wandering the French Quarter, here I come.

My next trip is down to Florida on the 12th, to help my parents move from the four bedroom house where they’ve lived for 46 years (my childhood home), into a much more sensible condo. This trip will be the culmination of several previous ones, a Herculian effort shared by my whole family, where we have literally dug through nearly a half century’s worth of stuff, from decaying stuffed animals to antique china, to negotiate a house sale, an estate sale, and a move, on the way to a lighter, less stressful life for all of us, especially my parents. More on that in a later post, I am sure.

My final trip of the year is just for me. A vacation, finally. A New Year’s cruise where I can relax and unplug (and maybe get a final few Holidailies posts in) and recharge for a better, less stressful 2019.

In between the traveling, though, I still have to navigate work. It’s a job I love, but one that has become more challenging and pressure-filled, with more resting on my shoulders. We had a department reorganization that saw the layoff of one of the best bosses I’ve ever had, and separately, the leave of absence (leading to a likely departure) of my partner in crime, who makes my job easier on a daily basis. Also on the work front, the company that owns the software platform we use (and I manage) was acquired by a private equity firm last year and that has also made work more difficult. More on that at some point later too, I am sure.

So, that’s an overview of what’s going on with me at this moment in time. So, I guess I welcome December and Holidailies back into my life. I’ll try to do this annual tradition proud…or at least post more than a few times.


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