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Two birds, one stone…

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2015holibadge-blue  Or how I wrote a blog post and made some earrings in one evening…


So, I’ve been pretty prolific with making jewelry elements in my porcelain jewelry class.

  On the other hand, I’ve fallen down on the job in turning those jewelry elements into actual, wearable jewelry. I’m not sure why this happens. It’s like stage fright or creative block or just getting overwhelmed with all of the options or feeling like I may not live up to the potential of the pieces that I’ve made, but I end up procrastinating making stuff out of the stuff. And it’s maddening. I’ve even had a few people at work (and elsewhere) asking me when I’m going to make (and sell) my jewelry. So, part of the bargain in my own head has been that if I’m going to participate in Holidailies and sign on for another commitment this month, I need to live up to this other commitment to myself. Make jewelry. Get shit done. So, done and done (or at least a start).    

Will soon be up on Artfire for sale.

Easy Money…

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Holidailies 2012So, late this afternoon I went by the pottery studio to pick up the money I made in our holiday sale a couple of weeks ago.  I had my last class for the year tonight, but hadn’t intended to stay, because I wasn’t feeling great.  However, Kate, who runs the program, had asked me to bring some of my earrings and ornaments, because she still had a few more gifts to get, so I brought them along.

She gave me the cash from the sale (about what I expected  to make) and then she bought a couple more pieces from me.  More cash (yay!)  Then I was sitting and chatting with a couple other people in the studio, and they wanted to take a look at my earrings too, so before I knew it, all of my earrings were spread across the table, and they had each bought a pair.  Two more sales, thank you!

I figured that I’d at least stick around until Matt (my teacher) arrived, so I could wish him a happy holiday, and then before I knew it, the rest of my class was there and there was food and there was dessert and there was more looking at my jewelry and more sales were made.  Somewhere in there, I started to feel better — not sure if it was the food or the company (or the cash), but I rallied.  I ended the evening feeling pretty good.  Belly full, mood lightened, and $100 more in my pocket than I’d even expected.  Not a bad haul and not a bad way to spend a Friday evening.

Now, if I could just figure out how to make every day like this, I wouldn’t even have to look for a job.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

An Honest Day’s Work or Something Like It…

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So, today was one of the most active and productive days I’ve had in a while.  The Artworks holiday sale at the YMCA started yesterday and I felt it was a good sign that I sold a bracelet before it ever started, on Wednesday night while I was setting up.  And when I walked in this morning to work my shift, someone was paying for one of my new necklaces.  Not so bad as these things go.  I worked the morning shift and then went home to finish assembling a dozen new pairs of earrings that I wanted to add to my inventory this afternoon.

The proof of the fact that I operate at my best and most efficient when I’m scheduled and structured is that I had a two and a half hour window from the time I left the sale at 12:30pm to when I had to be back for my next shift at 3pm.  In that time I had to finish putting together those earrings, create stickers for the back of the earring cards that provided information I refer to as “care and feeding of your wearable art,” card the earrings and get back to work again.  And I did it, just under the wire.  I literally live across the street from the Y, so I had just about the full amount of time, but still, cutting it close.

So, back at the sale, priced my earrings and added them to my display, spent the next two and a half hours working the sale, then down to the studio to makes sure the piece that I’ve been working on but haven’t laid eyes on in about four weeks, is still workable (it was, just sprayed it up with a bunch of water).

Once that was done it was back upstairs for the opening reception.  Lots and lots of people (yay).  Lots of yummy food (yay).  Shmoozing with a couple of buyers, selling some of my new earrings and getting some interest and positive feedback on my work in general (yay yay yay).  Then it was back downstairs where my work in progress (above) awaited, asking me to actually make some progress on it.

I forgot to take pictures before I left (usually I’m better about it), but it got painted and silkscreened and scruffed up and is now sitting on the shelf waiting to go into the kiln.  I had time to catch up with my classmates and teacher (some of my favorite people in the world) and to really feel like myself for a few hours on a regular (yet extraordinary) Friday evening, at the end of a wonderful (FULL being the operative word here) day.

And now I am home, updating Holidailies, the most consecutive days of posts I’ve had in (possibly) years.  My back is killing me, I’m utterly exhausted, but I’m feeling elated and inspired, in a way I haven’t in a very long time.

Keep getting shit done…

P.S.  Still haven’t managed to go grocery shopping this week.  Good thing there were delicious things to eat at the reception tonight…

Best Laid Plans…

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So, all that stuff I had on my list to get done today?  It didn’t quite happen the way I’d intended.  As a result of the (un)intentional napping yesterday, I didn’t fall asleep until somewhere around 6am this morning.  However, that time awake was put to relatively good use.  I applied for about ten more jobs (it’s either feast or famine around here).  More importantly, though, I realized at some point in the middle of the night that the holiday sale at the pottery studio is this week and I hadn’t signed up to participate yet.  Oops!

So, a 4am email and I had committed to get my shit together to sell my wares from Thursday through Saturday.  Most of my ceramic pieces were stored in bags and ready to go, but my jewelry needed to be pulled together to go.  I also set about today to make some new earrings, which are still in progress and will be assembled when I finish writing this post.

So, to recap: No exercise today (tomorrow, I promise!) No groceries (ditto!) However, I did get some job search done and I did make some new jewelry for sale.  I also set up my table and priced everything.  Hopefully I’ll get some more of those earrings done and get them up online for sale before the week is out.  Baby needs some scratch!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  That job I was hoping to get an interview for?  The really creative one?  It’s scheduled for next week.  So, I guess getting shit done is continuing, even though it may not be all the shit and it may not be happening in exactly the way I’d expected.  It still counts, though, right?

And before I go, a picture of what my table currently looks like at the pottery sale.  Need to make some room for the new earrings…